Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is based on an ancient system of healing practised in India.


It helps to increase the blood flow to the muscles, improving blood circulation, joint mobility & the flexibility of the neck & shoulders. It helps to ease knots of muscular tension, relaxing the tissue & eliminating excess toxins. It can be beneficial in relieving stress, tension, sinus problems, headaches, insomnia & tinnitus.


Clients are clothed & in a seated position whilst the therapist uses certain massage techniques across the upper back, arms, shouldres, neck, head & face. Clients report feelings of deep relaxation & well-being following a treatment.


Some side effects may include dizziness, tiredness & increased desire to urinate. These, if experienced, usually only last a few hours before experiencing increased energy & a sense of well-being.


Avoid Indian head massage if you've recently had:



head/neck injury

history of thrombosis




high/low blood pressure