Hypno-analysis & Hypno-birthing.

Hypno-analysis can highlight and go to a deeper level than hypnotherapy. It deals with the underlying/originating issue at the core of the challenging behaviour that has brought the client into therapy in the first place; dealing with core beliefs & possible accumulative trauma locked away in the unconscious.


Whereas hypnotherapy uses positive, empowering suggestions to enable the client to draw upon their inner resources to better deal with a situation/issue and can range from 1-5


sessions, hypno-analysis is a better course of action if the presenting problem is causing conflict in many areas of their life & affecting their self-esteem & confidence.

Hypno-analysis can range from 8-12 sessions & is always followed by positive, empowering suggestions once the initial sensitizing events & the emotions attached to them, have been released.



Hypno-birthing consists of 4 x 2hr sessions for birthing partners teaching relaxation sessions, breathing exercises & self-hypnosis with C.D./book & ongoing support.